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Module 15: Additional Resources

Books: The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz Video: “Culture” — a lecture by Brian Chesky, Founder of Airbnb, and …

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Module 15: Conflicting Dynamic

As you build your culture, you build it around yourself and your values; that is the right of the entrepreneur. However, your values are your perspective. Your perspective is shaped from your experience – and your experience also shapes your bias.  Bias is the enemy of vibrancy. Values can and should be appealing to all, but we sometimes …

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Module 15: Culture and Values

“One is the loneliest number.”  “What you do is who you are.” ― Ben Horowitz When a company is just beginning, culture is hard as hell to define. The CEO/ founder’s main job is to establish culture. Culture is the company’s values, and those values flow from the CEO. They are what the CEO is. Initially, a start-up …

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Module 14: Additional Resources

Books: Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth Through Outsourcing by Thomas M. Koulopoulos and Tom Roloff “Why Outsourcing Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Growing Company” by Jeff Barrett in Inc. magazine

Module 14: Conflicting Dynamic

Of course, there are things one should keep in mind when bootstrapping a workforce, especially when it comes to contractors. For one, always assume they have a capitalistic motive. This isn’t bad or evil, it’s just true: people are motivated by money. If you can figure out how to work with this motivation, you can …

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Module 14: Bootstrapping the Gaps: Contractors and Advisors, Industry Experts

“A big business starts small.” ― Richard Branson “Outsourcing isn’t just strategic and tactical. Once you make a move, the invisible hand gets to work.” ― Lars Gustavsson “Do what you do best. Outsource the rest.” ― Peter Drucker By the very nature of the beast, start-ups start up small. In fact, many start-ups start …

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Module 13: Conflicting Dynamic

With all these issues, why even bother with employees? Well, of course, you need people to bring ideas to fruition. If you could do it yourself, it probably would not be worth doing (or, at least, it would not be worth taking this course and doing). And there are also several other ways to handle …

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Module 12: Additional Resources

Books: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni High Growth Handbook: Scaling Startups from 10 to 10,000 People by Elad Gil, Chapter 5 Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel, Chapter 9 Video: “How to Manage” by Ben Horowitz, founder of Andreessen …

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