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Module 4: Conflicting Dynamic

Established companies with years of experience have advantages in branding. Corporations have the ability to simultaneously call upon their history (their founder story) or develop a narrative fit for the modern day — or both. Corporate brands can use their founder when it suits them or their employees or their customers (or whatever else a …

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Module 5: Conflicting Dynamic

To grab market share, a product must be demonstrably better than the current solution. By releasing your product early, you risk not having a product that is at that level, which will disappoint customers. This may create a challenge that has to be overcome later.

Module 1: Conflicting Dynamic

Not everyone can save the world. While grand designs are important and inspiring, a healthy dose of realism is equally important. What can realistically be accomplished in the near term – not some lofty grand vision – by your organization with the resources at hand?